What we focus on will expand.
The successful warrior is the average man, with laser-like focus.” _Bruce Lee.

True enough, if we keep our sight on our goal with positive energy, thing will eventually fill in with joys and excitement.
Those are pretty much different case if we choose the opposite.
Yes, the journey of life got so many choice .. and therefore we can choose to SMILE and be with the POSITIVE
people. And it is also our choice to decide whether or not we surround ourselves with POSITIVE people only.

One of my friend told me..

“Our life is way too short, to be wasted on negative people.
If any , they will not appreciate it anyway.”
They might labelled you as BOLD or whatsoever.. but that’s the reality.

p/s : be BOLD and FIRM regardless what others might say .. life is all about choice that we made after all.