Is it just me, or everybody else also got this ?

I have been receiving “Electric Bill” in a white envelope, today.

The envelope look like this..
While the letter inside is something like this.
Look like the old one.. but with extra white spacing on the left.

the content inside there come with additional info, i think.

Got internet URL !!


It read as
“Switch to be energy efficient, log on to

I can’t help to read as .. “suis untuk orang ramai” at the first glance..muahaaha..

Further exploration.. i visited that website..and there is a link at the left menu to
went there.. and saw the “new tariff”.. is it new one ?

p/s : To pre-phrase someone at RedHat Seminar (Open Source..bla..bla.)’s speaker ,
“When i switch on the light,
you better get the light turn on..
else we will get into trouble..

I don’t care about :

what type of bulb it is using..
what type of socket it is..

what generator are you using..
what cable are connected to my house..

how long is the underwater cable that it went through..

or whatever you’re using to generate it..
be it coal..
diesel somewhere..
or even you’re using Nuclear..
I don’t even care..

I just need to get the light on.. whenever i switch it on..”
~ that is what “Cloud computing..” defined ~
many of us don’t even care what the heck server
is using..
“just when i saved my data there today..
the next day..when i need it again..
it better be there..
i don’t care where , what, who.. taking care of my data…
i just know when i saved it ‘there.’ shall be ‘there’ ..”