During last weekend , my sister from Johor came to KL..
She insist to have us to walk her around KL..

So, we brought her to Tasik Titiwangsa and then to KLCC..
after a while.. someone pop up an idea.. “Let’s visit Aquaria ..”

with the short walk within the KLCC compound we found the signboard to “Aquaria”
which somehow look familiar to me .. as being there for PC fair for quite sometime.. and recalled
have use that route before this.. only different was PC fair was held at the top level of that same complex i think..

hmm.. the ticket was about RM 28 for an Adult with MyKad.. and will be cheaper if got student card and all..
haven’t bother to produce any .. so paid RM 112.00 for 4 person..

then.. starting to walk around..

the first fish we saw is ‘Piranha.’ ..this one is in aquarium though.. so just saw from side and read the description attached to the wall ..
followed by “Electric Eel.” with some sort of “High-Voltage” warnings…

then..we got chance to touch some “ikan Yu Pasir” in a small poll or basin .. (don’t know what does its name in English..)
comment :

“Rasa macam sentuh kertas pasir lah.. ”


then we proceed to next exhibition item.. with turtle.. spider..frog.. tarantula..

hmm.. what that have to do with “aqua” ?

until we reach at the deep-sea-fish.. or it was replicating the amazon sea or something..
nice view..

then we saw some aggressive stingray or was it “Ikan pari.”.. (can’t differentiate as don’t really know.. which is which..)
should have put a bit taller wall though.. almost jumped over it..
then we reach the tunnel..


got shark..and many other fish .. in that .. have to look with the face facing upward.. at first was amazed…
till after 15minute.. feel dizzy .. and want to get out.. ASAP.. hahahaha.

end of the tunnel only we saw this sign board..

“Oh.. it is the Longest Underwater Tunnel in Malaysia..” ..
suddenly remember where did i have seen this tunnel before..
“Langkawi during LIMA 2005 ..??”

then.. there was a “sourveniour” shop.. selling t-shirt.. and many stuff for memorable thing.. i think..


this is penguin[wikipedia]or a “twitter[twitter.com]” bird ?

p/s : HHmm… and.. that was bout it..
imagine.. went to the “Titiwangsa Lake” at 11.30a.m.. experience hot sun *sigh*..
then heading to KLCC .. with fully blown aircond..
continue with some sort underwater scene.. *uhh*
… (not going to repeat that.. ever..!)