Ever imagine to have a trip from Desa Sri Hartamas to Damansara Damai, Sg Buloh will take 4 hours ?

This is how it was..

I left my office at about 1800H.. which is 06.00p.m..
then heading to ‘Rapid KL’ bus stop near my office.. have wait until 1905H then only bus arrived. (U7 ~ Segambut Dalam – Chow Kit )
.. and the ride took about 45minute to reach Titiwangsa Bus station (also known as Plaza Pekeliling Station).

Have to change to another bus to get to Damansara Damai..
when I reached there.. it was raining so heavily .. and getting dark..

waited for 1 hour.. another 0.5 hour.. no sign of bus ( U8 ~ Chow Kit – Damansara Damai ) ..
and to make thing worst.. my handphone battery was drained . no light at all . my watch also dead ..

of course got some other bus stopping by ..
U23…. U13…U2.. U10 – (Pinggiran Batu Caves ~ short-formed to “PING BT. CAVES”) ..
and.. U7 again.. still no U8..

This is what/where/when someone had described as

“I waited for the bus.. but the bus didn’t come..” hahaha..

.. then suddenly crowd move into a bus.. took a glance ..
i think i read “Damansara..” and without further delay.. rushed into the bus..

hmm.. the route look same as what U8 used to be.. via jalan ipoh-jinjang-kepong..

after 30-40 minute in the bus.. i think ..saw a signboard.. “Rawang “.. eh???

now the road .. look not so familiar anymore.. was wondering… “where the he** am I now ?”
Hmm.. maybe driver took a different route ? .. wait..
and until.. all the passenger drop-off.. and left only me & the bus driver .. went to the front of the bus..
saw the reflected board ..”U4 – Sri Damansara – Chow Kit”.. hahahaa..

asked the driver.. “is this bus going back again to Chow Kit after this ?”..
he replied ..”yes.”

…”will you ever go to Kepong Sentral KTM station again ?”
“yes. first time using this bus , kah ?”
…”Yes..first time with this route. I ride the wrong bus.. supposed to be U8.. instead of U4.”..
“haha.. it is okay.still got many more bus trip..can catch up the next one.. ”

then have to wait for the bus to took it rest time.. and only get back and dropped-off at Kepong Sentral KTM..
here.. have to wait for U8 bus.. in order to get to Damansara Damai.. luckily ..less than 10minute..
the bus arrived.. then dropped-off in front of “Max Value” shopping mall.. and walked-up to my home..

.. … finally.. arrived home..

and guess what was the time ?

2230 H ~ 10.30p.m ..

p/s : this time , i was well behaved..not cursing anyone/anything while on the trip..as it was raining the whole trip..
reached home only realized.. wah.. four (4) hour to reach home.. (6.pm – 10.30pm)..
hmm.. if i was mading a trip to kelantan.. should be arriving at least half-of-the-way.. about at “Merapoh”..already.. hahahahahha