One morning.. i was not able to sleep.. i think it was 2-3 a.m
Feel bored..
I was trying switching TV channel .. some sort of scanning around..

Then I heard something great.. on TV3.. Muzik-Muzik (replay)
It was “Dan Sebenarnya”.. by Yuna & the gang..
i think it was a new nomination ..
as being explained by faizal ismail & cheryl samad..

Hm.. Can vote via or SMS..


at the moment .. I was kinda speechless..
stunned by her performance .. great voice and lyric..
her look very natural..

that was my first time seeing and knowing Yuna..
and made a note in my mind.. this girl name is “Yuna”..
a gut feeling .. “she gonna shine..” 🙂

excerpt from her facebook biography ..

“She writes a couple of songs, and basically picks out the best out of the bunch to share it with the world. Nothing really mindblowing. It is what it is, you dont have to like it.
Best listened when you’re lying on grass in a quiet afternoon, your toes in the sand facing the ocean, or when you’re in the car watching trees go by.
Singing became a habit when she was 6.
She didn’t like her piano lessons and quit when she was 12.
She wrote her first song when she was 15.

She quit singing when she was 16.
She started writing songs again when she was 19.
About the same time she started playing the guitar.
Last year. She started playing the piano again.
And now shes regretting that she quit music school.
She’s very new to performing with the guitar, and piano.
Saya budak baru belajar. Kalau salah tolong tunjukkan.

Other than that, shes pretty much a very normal person. Who loves Jimi Hendrix, Alanis Morissette, and Feist, and goofing around.”

.. then last nite.
someone buzz.. “8tv”..
and I was immediately tune to my TVR.. was a bit late..

waaa.. I am late..
missed the early of the show part .. “interviewing” yuna

luckily ..
few moment later.. the vid of that show was published into youtube ..

hehe.. she did spelled out loud ..

Discovered that she is taking LAW Degree at UiTM.
So , the research saying that music can help us to memorize the fact a bit better ~ is true…

Check the research article about Musician have better memory. []

p/s : I would personally ask this question if I ever met her..
“Do you agree that music help you to memorize all the fact that you need to memorize for your final exam in LAW subjects..?”

.. made a search thru google.. found the lyric for “Rocket”

her other song in latest EP..

1 Backpacking Around Europe
2 After Midnight
3 Dan Sebenarnya
4 Blue Sands
5 Deeper Conversation

no “Rocket” yet .. though..

p/s : one of adorable is her marketing strategy is mainly via web 2.0 medium.. so amazing…explains how the way we do thing now actually have evolved…

btw : the song is great… especially after hear the song and read the lyric.. really touching..

true enough.. this evening.. Muzik-muzik ..
announced that “Dan Sebenarnya” is at #2 of the current chart… 😎
check next page for lyric ..