Sometimes or most of the time, we tend to over-plan things.
In the end we stuck with just planning without any actions.


We forgot that thing wouldn’t be any better with just plan in our paper or head but without any
We might as well , plan ahead a little bit.
The just get to do it and maintain the momentum.
We may hit the wall at first few attempts.. so what?
re-route then keep moving forward.

once in a while we may have to look backward and learn from our mistakes,
but the main thing is we have to MOVE forward.

It is our TIME.
It is our MONEY.
It is our resposibility.
It is our life.
In this particular aspect, I think we should be SELFISH enough to get rid
what might be better for any others.
it is our own life.. or afterlife and we solely should decide where/what/how those should be put on.
None others.
After all, I think it’s NOT worth not doing something or with-holding something because you don’t want to upset someone else over something
or because someone said something about it
because eventually it may not be THAT significant for him or her.
It’s yours .. and truly yours.

You’re born alone.. and will be ended up in the grave also alone.

p/s: always remember , only massive actions will lead to massive result..