Today marking the new day in my career life.
As per discussion somewhere at 2007.

The day have finally arrived.
I have started my own business.. :)

The services and contribution to client would be continued within new condition and environment..

The floor plan have changed now.


Let’s strive toward better life for everyone.
Be it as client.. As contractor.. As the worker..

Our new office will be located at Kota Damansara.. Closer to my home.
Feel free to visit us here if you want to have a chat or discussion.Maybe we can start collaborating on something or work out an opportunity to work together..:)

To those who would like to hire us for our services,  you’re most welcome to our website at

Happy labour day.. !

“Watch your thought, they become your words..

Watch your words, they become your actions..

Watch your actions, they become your habits…

Watch your habits, they become your character..

Watch your character for it will become your destiny..

— Frank Outlaw. ”

Warmest Regards,