Am going to write today .. no matter what ! haha

1. We only have one life,there is a world of magic to be discovered,
and the more I learn, the more I realized there is still so much more to know.

2. Strong people are formed by opposition, like kites that rise against the wind.

3. From now one, until you get yourself out of there, you have to survive alone .. or die.

4. Anyone can be taught skills, but not everyone has the fire inside.

5. The ‘reality’ of your situation will be what you believe it to be.
It you decide that the odds are so heavily stacked against you that you have no chance of survival,
the battle is already as good as lost.

6. Those who survive need to see the opportunities not problems, hope not hopelessness, possibilities not impossibilities.

7. No one is more likely to survive than those who can convince themselves they can.

[Namran’s hand-written note’s dated : 12 April 2010]