One thing suddenly sparked in mind is about the knowledge itself.
If one made a discovery .. but he or she didn’t share it with anyone or
didn’t make use of it.. it would be that beneficial for any others. ( read: mankind ).

It doesn’t have to be very significant discovery before one can decide to either keep or distribute
his/her discovery. There are various method are now available to pass the discovery or finding to others.
At one time ago it would be meaning publishing the article into the newspaper or technical white paper.

The personal blog might not be the authenticated enough to ensure the thing written and published there is
the real truth. There are people who are manipulating evidence to get their own agenda across.
So, there is the need for proper scholar method to record those finding and discovery..
and reviewed by their peers and expert in particular field of knowledge.

Here come, the contribution back to the body of the knowledge.
If we didn’t report our discovery all these while .. how do you expect the civilization can govern itself?
Thus, what we can see today .. is the result of our ancestor discovery work , finding and knowledge that they gain in their lifetime. The evidence of knowledge are being use for a good cause.
Some of them might lost as the time pass by, but some are well-preserved like those which are written into a book and kept in some lucky library. It may had survived the war because of those library location not affected by the war itself.
This however, may not even made possible if the author himself can’t make up his mind to write the book and published it somewhere. Yes, it is an interesting challenge. I know ;P

Always remember there is no contribution is too small.. you’ll be rewarded anyway.. by the true owner of the knowledge itself. Allah S.W.T :)