In the world we are living today, there are so many gadget or technology enabler,
we have smartphones, tablet, instant internet access almost everywhere we go
( unless we opt to get into the rural part — you won’t be able read this then. :P )
on-demand TV or documentaries (if we choose to) , studying should be easier than ever.
Yet all this become background noise that can make us unfocused and transform ourselves to an inefficient learner.


Most of us have similar resource too, but why most of us got distracted instead.
One little word : MINDSet !

Knowledge is power – it’s a cliche because it’s true.
The mindset can be shifted with the knowledge .
Yes, there’s a destination or goal to reach, but why not make the journey richer, more fulfilling and more interesting too ?
Out of so many flavor in the worlds, why we even bother to be the salty ones.
( those who understand will understand .. :P)