If I know that I am definitely going somewhere without coverage soon.
What am suppose to prepare?


Definitely not with just worrying..  of something beyond our control.
Focus on current task at hand and move on.
F.O.CU.S  one of my mentor said.. Forget Other Commitment Until Success.
In a book of productivity there are Tomato clock [google for it if you missed this one :)]  that could help to remain focused.
And implement daily “Power Hour” to actually working on the BIG ROCK of the day..
It is either you get organized or get crushed.
Goodluck to each of you in your future undertaking in life.

P/s : .. one day we are definitely going to be at 6th feet underneath. The question  is “Are our actions really aligned toward that.. ” .
One friend told me earlier on.. “always maintain the high road regardless of how others behave themselves because we are portraying our own image . None others.” :)