In our life , there surely some resource are available for us but they are limited, such as time and space.
Recently I got enrolled to a computer science program to learn further on this particular topic.
We got to somehow do thing efficiently with all the resource that we have.


We got to decide which , when , when to re-prioritize our goal or task at hand.
Everyone of us got 24-hours a day, how we spend it would be solely our own responsibility.
No one else could decide that for you, other may suggest or even advice, but in the end,
you yourself have to choose and decide which one to take on.

Handling issues with different kind of complexity and dependencies would make us better from time to time.
We can definitely learn from our own experience if we do some reflection on those event in life.
But it can be also learned from others experience or from previous generation via books( if it was ever written) or if you are lucky enough to get directly from his/her face-to-face.

One of the quote I got “making the decisions one at a time and never making an erroneous decision ..”
followed by “The problem of optimization a sequence of decisions in which each decision must be made after outcome of the previous decision becomes known”.

Anything else you would like to add ?