I think the concept is simple.

Each of us have our own gift and passion.

We can work happily with each other and collaborate if we found our purpose.

Somehow it can be contradict with our learning experience earlier.
we may have aim to excel in every single subject in order to get the good result.
In life, that’s not exactly true for all situation.

Sometimes, once we specialized in one field, our chance for success is greater even though we may be slightly lacking in ALL other fields.
Our chance may be different if we tried to excel in ALL fields with our limited resource of time, attention, energy and support.

Let’s say we have 360 point of efforts to spent, if we tried to excel in everything, it is like distributing that force into 360.. which may result 1point in every direction.

Compared this to the following, if we just decide to select ONE single direction and put ALL that 360 point of efforts that we can spend into that direction.. and just do that..
if that’s at 100% efficiency ~ if we can achieve 360 point in that selected direction, and for any other direction might not grow so much.

contributing the best of us to others…
eventually it will affects a lot of people.

and I think, success is more likely inevitable with that path.