Vision and Direction, those word can be something meaningful.

And sometimes come with a big and detail plan.
Whether it become a reality one day in future or not, is depend on what we decide today.

It may bring hopes and also courage to move forward.
But whatever it is, there is no doubt  that we should appreciate and live today’s day to its fullest.

Yes, therefore we must realize that all resource we have today is finite.
Our time is limited, at one point of our life we will running out of time.
And we will leave this finite world toward a eternal place.
Our strenght is also limited, we will be old and weak too.
Our sharpness , agility , knowledge ,even wisdom (or any advantage you name it) will be gone someday.

With all above fact and try putting it into the higher perspective at that day we reach to the end of our time/life..
“what would make you  regretting for not doing at some point of our life?”

So, stop wasting our freaking highly precious limited time and resources..
let’s get to where we want to be starting today..

I think it is wiser for us to change the direction as soon as we found out we are on the wrong track.. do not hold any single tick of the split seconds in our own time of life  .. to decide and move on.

p/s : … I will be at 30th by this coming June, 2012.. another 10 year before I hit 40s , Insya*Allah.
there is  stro sign everywhere . ..  if we know where/what to look at.