There are some of the thing to NOT tell to the whole world at large .

Among others..

1. The partner agreement in detail to very single bit.

2. Even in the business plan you shall avoid to disclose the crucial information about your partner contribution from being too detail.

3. For human relationship, there are a lot of thing better off to be kept as personal between just two of you.

4. All the discussion / meeting that specifically tagged with “Within the Wall Only”.

5. The weakness / bad thing about your friend except to him/her self knowledge and improvement.

6. The barely naked information on current development ?
— this would be contradict to knowledge sharing thingy..
but wait..

(this thought are collected from others…)

1.what if the disclosure of “How To” and all detail which lead to the risk of losing your current position in the market/company..

2. the information will lead to losing your monopoly or “Only one person/company on this <Your_preferred_location_of_territory>” special advantage.

3. — this would relate to the saying..
“if I could do this by myself..
I wouldn’t need you at the first place or anymore..”


Some the bad thing lead by this :

1.Somehow.. lead to Programmer writing a crappy code without comment and all. (as want to have the knowledge known only to him/her) …

2. would explain why ‘a human’ NOT even bother to contribute to “knowledge sharing” at all. (see the wiki contribution, open-source coders, forum posting and many others )

3.Preferring proprietary based solution over the Open-Source approach.

p/s : insecurity complex ~= inferiority complex