One evening, I have been discussing with one of my senior ..
“Where are we actually heading now ?”
“Let discuss about our server/ hosting service target..” which is true enough .. that it will be changed from time to time.

Tripod logo..

Tripod logo..

1. free hosting.. (tripod, lycos, geocities)
2. cheap paid hosting..with ads removing ( some sharing how many MB space for few dollars .. just remove the ads)
3. a bit expensive paid hosting .. (shared hosting .. “tumpang” something like exabytes.. mercumaya..) .. someone called it “mercu mayat” as the service went suck..
4. dedicated hosting.. (highly expensive)
5. virtual private server (VPS).. about time to kill the clogged the CPU process with unauthorized process ..same time tried hosting at home with dynamic ip address .. (dyn DNS and
6. off-shore server hosting… (server farming.) not good with local hit & affected by the earthquake.. undersea cable “putus”.. speed like crawling..
7. co-location.. provide a server and rent the connection and electricity.
8. own a data-centre.
9. mesh of data-centre..
10. take over ISP backbone
11. own one of telecommunication infrastructure.
12. own a mesh of telecommunication infrastructure.
13. own a communication satellite..
14. Own an array of satellite .. the right word is (satellite constellation )
15. build and supply one part for ISS. (International Space Station?)
16. start a remote communication deployment at a planet.
17. start a colonization on a planet.
18. own array of planet with same colonization technology.
19. build own SUN ?
20. big bang .. died !!

nice dream…huh?

p/s : Evolution != Revolution

“The revolution is not an apple that falls when it is ripe. You have to make it drop.”
— Che Guevara [2]

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