One of my “once-upon-a-time-ago” dream was to get .
That was my dream while am at Form 3.. which is at year of 1997.

That was the first time I heard and managed to get a hook on the internet.
When asked around that time, on how to obtain my own domain.
No concrete answer given.. but something like following :
1. way too expensive.
2. too technical
3. need to own server first ?
4. only BIG company can do that.

so,I didn’t pursue with any further effort and settled for
which was free at that time .. and a mail..

there was a time ..
when I was asked :”what do you want achive in next 10-15 years?”
I answered “I want to learn and make my own Operating System — completely another version of Windows”
** at that time I was only exposed and had access upto Windows 3.1 and some Windows95.. plus one RedHat
server for cybercafe.. with only one command in my head : “shutdown -r NOW”.

which is now, I realized it was just a re-spin of any decent linux flavour would DO .
and interestingly,I had been doing that for past few year for my project including
generating a “stripped down” installer CD/DVD for some of our costumer project..
a bit an insight on how thing works upto the level of mangling with some “touch screen”(hardware) driver.

so,it is actually … dream comes true ..
all this while ..after been mumbling around .. of what actually am I doing.

It is my DREAM…

then few days back.. registered without so much hassle..was completed within few hours..
thanks to’s domain reseller who screwing up my Domain Control Panel access..

Hmmm.. now what’s next?

my Domain Control Panel is now restored by my Registrar ..
but had decided to transfer.. so,I move on anyway…