Alhamdulillah, finally I got myself to graduate from Master of Science in Computer Science at Uitm shah Alam.


I am glad to be blessed with partner, friends and families around me that being supportive during the difficult time. They bear the ups and downs during the whole period of my study.

Funny thing is, when I was just about to seek for a closure.
The answer from the pro-chancellor speech today just made my day.

“We do not make the best from the very first of the best seed available in market.”

But we pick the available seed, we treat them, we nurture them..
we gave them the best that we can…
eventually they’ll grow..

and we truly believe, one day you’ll SUCCEED.”

Fail and fall out one time, get up..
Fail and fall out 2nd time, get up..
.. fail and fall out 3rd, get up..
Doesn’t matter how many times you fail and fall, just get up.
eventually you’ll succeed.. I believe you definitely WILL SUCCEED.

Then he tell a bit about himself.
His 88th birthday is coming this 15 November 2016.
Yet, he can stand for continuous 2 hours non-stop to appreciate and honor the graduates today !
Some more, there is no scripted speech, mostly from heart-to-heart speech.
He can still recall each and every single details from the 60 years of the UiTM history.

The main thing is keep on with ‘continuous learning’ and just don’t stop HERE.
Even if we become parent and having children or grandchildren..

Just don’t stop .. the main part of human aspect of development which is INTERACTIONS !

We should educate our children.
At which he goes at an example of mobile device, pc, hand-held devices are banned from the family dining table.

“You know better what your future will be”.

Contributing back to the society when we finally capable of doing so.
At which the following quote really hit the nerve.

“Jangan kita keruhkan yang telah keruh, jika kita tidak boleh jernihkan.”

Ask ourselves, what else can we contribute back.
~ Money, time, resource .
Wherever you are… in entrepreneurship (at which is not easy), at first maybe you need to borrow money just to survive, eventually if you are able to sustain it,you’ll be rewarded handsomely.

If in private, you’ll have your opportunity to help via other mean such as contributing to an education fund which is channeled properly to help to grow the nation. !

There a three important parts for that :

1. student itself ( which is having values/attribute as ambitious, with determination, commitment, honesty and integrity)

2.Lecturer ~ work closely with the industry’s player. So that,whatever we are preparing our student for will not become an obsolete skills. And with that,we’re capable to maintain competitive edge with others.

3. Parent ~ sacrifices not just for our children but also for our next generations..
(cucu-cicit). Ask yourself, what else can we contribute?


p/s: I also meet a lot of people this time.. around 1136 master’s are graduating today !
Making a lot of friends also while am completing this.

p/s/s : the purpose of education is to promote life-long learning process..