the most wasting time i ever compliment i dare say..

is doing something.. just for the sake of doing it..

half of the heart don’nt want to do it.. but somehow still doing it.. WTF.

that kinda not honest plus .. the end product will be a TOTAL waste or

either useless or no value at all..

it is better to put it this way…

take it or leave it..

if want to do it.. do it properly else why not as well do not do it at all..

it is the same after all..

a complete rubbish or nothing at all.. which one should be the best for you to choose ?

the other way around it is …

do it with all your heart.. and put enough and necessary effort to complete it..

else do not do it at all.. take by all mean to refuse that shit if you don’nt want it..

make it clear .. once and for all.. full stop.

signing off.