Something caught my attention this morning ..regarding the yesterday event..
RapidKL being cut off of electricity .. flooding at the very center of KL..

One headline from local newspaper.. here[]..

It was put as “Thousands caught unawares as 2m-high flash floods hit KL”..
One question struck in my mind was .. “is there enough effort are being made to let them (Thousands) aware about the danger in the first place ?”

Well , i would say the reason is because most of the local news paper / mainstream media having feeding a lot of rubbish to the reader in these few days..
some of us would already had put a ban in effect onto mainstream media.. Hence if telling the alert via the tv3, tv1, tv2..

and yet expect all of us ( KL citizen ) to be aware ?

Well.. in case of emergency like this , i would prefer the CellBroadcast or SMS / MMS by the telco itself to play the best part of alerting the whole bunch of people… as I believe most of working citizen @KL would have carried one with them whenever they go within KL area..

dissemination of emergency alert like this would the best reason to use whatever the best infrastructure might be available at whatever cost..
I believe.. this would be a lot more useful and worth of having technical difficulties to get it done.. the price after the people properties / wealth if not the life itself..
Telco company , I believe many of us is having receive a lot of SMS with something like this
“RM0 / FreeSMS: A concert/charity dinner to be held at Desa Sri Hartamas. bring your colleague and friend together and get a discount of 10% when you swipe with your credit card…” and many more gigs’ or whatever dance/nightlife/event invitation..
and some were directly from the telco company itself.. mine was sometime receiving ads SMS from maxis itself.. regarding whatever ringtones and services that were available.. I believe others telco would also had the same capabilities..

And … out of top most intelligent people up there.. I still couldn’t believe that nobody have ever thought about this..
perhaps it just not worth commercial value at all to implement.. but the irony fact is..
I still believe it is completely worth the hassle to overcome whatever technical/understanding difficulties whenever the objectives is to
“take care of the people life..” or in short..”to save even one life in an emergency situation like this..”

Like what the infamous film had quote “with great power..come the great responsibilities “.. perhaps.. no one dare / having enough gut to push forward..

Well.. most of the news writer/editor might be so full of politics and celebrities centered news updates..
(they tend to write whatever the reader want to read most…even though it was after all just a complete rubbish without any value at all upon the last day of the one lifetime..) .. and yes. some were so busy with the “Rat race” .. looking toward what being called “C”..

or in short .. “Who cares ?”

alternative question : how many of twitter channel were being flooded with the flood warning yesterday ?
alternative question 2 : how many IMs message have been sent to each user in KL regarding the flood at 4-6p.m ?

Is it because this event would not giving much adsense value ? Oh..please….

I was still @ office when fire & rescue team from Desa Sri Hartamas were dispatched..


the one buzz around after the event might be completely out of scope to be debated.. so here I stop my rantings.

p/s : Where is the one who said about “Smart tunnel” effectiveness of preventing flash flood last year ?