I have been introduced to twitter[twitter.com] during foss.my meeting late last year.
but I was kinda lost at the moment as not really an active member ..
If you ever used mIRC (Internet Relay Chat)..mircabout this one might be handy.
as it is like being in the channel all the time.. and you will be getting message everything other user in the room say something..

and there is character limit in the message.. is 140 chars..
so.. it would rather call it as IRC with a new name .. *sigh*

not that suitable for message with the need of very detailed ..
but enough to buzz around about what you are doing at the moment..
and fairly enough to keep track of what being done all this while.

I wonder if can create something like the private channel..
so that company/project activity updates wouldn’t accessible to anonymous at all..

anyway this blog twitter is now available at namrannet
not going to promise any update though..except the one from this blog feed.

p/s : might be a good thing to track every single status I had ever put on my msn.. hotmail..gmail.. yahoo.. ( 50years later ? ).. oHh shit..may be NO!!!