Just for the record , this event happened on April 15, 2010 .. at 5.30pm until 6.17pm..


I was in the office together with my colleague at that time..
at first thought is modem problem or something..

but when took a peek at modem WAN status & syslog..

it was saying DNS server is at

supposed to be something like on normal occasions.. like the screenshot below :

so… on its self-test connection status..

upon the testing PING to www.yahoo.com *FAILED*

then its drop the line again.. retrying..!

while my home also seem in accessible..
someone with celcom3g testing via edge also went un-available..
SMS from a friend in kelantan’s asking if my internet is down..
adding to another guess .. wah! major outage ah..

then.. a friend SMS.. the above tweet..!
i think was accessing from his MAXIS line..
hence.. confirming the nationwide Outage..

but fortunately.. line was reconnected again at 6.17pm..
but I was somewhere on the road near Jalan Tun Razak toward HKL already..
amazingly no massive jam..! can arrived home smoothly before 6.45pm..

there is a mum .. no radio update.. not sure if TV got updates on this event..
so far TV1 Berita Utama doesn’t seem to pick it up.

Until this morning.. found TMCorp Announcement ..


… mainstream media black out ?

but twitter feed was a bit un-filtered..
one even dare to post a tweet suggesting that now we have “1Disconnected…” haha…

p/s : … will the “above people” realize that TM monopoly doesn’t do any good to us ( the consumers).. and give ways to healthy competition and
provide us more choice to use.. ( wired broadband link to home). at least is NOT nationwide depend on just ONE wire !!

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