dabong-8km the year 2008 has come… so that the 2007 become a history..

the most frequent trip back to kelantan last year was December 2007.

I had about 2 round trip. and 1 half.

on 2nd December brought the kancil from kelantan to KL. the school holiday started..

on 15th December went back to kelantan from KL using kancil… someone started the AidilAdha’s holiday too early.
on 16th Coming to KL… with my parent.. want to visit some relative in KL..?

on 19th went back to kelantan again..this is for real Aidil Adha..

and 23rd coming to KL… stuck at the Dabong.. quicksand.. landslide.. bla.. bla.. bcoz I need to catch the dateline.. aiya..end up in workshop.. RM 460/=

.. 29th almost going back to kelantan again.. but no.. I am not. .. enough..

1st January 2008.. went to Bukit Gambir , Muar.. Johor..

2nd January .. back to public transport… :P

more.. pics..