I was at the Sg Buloh toll gate.. ahhaha.. right after paying the toll ticket.. fireworks spark all around the sky.. :P..

guess what ?


I got the toll receipt right at 31 Dec 2008 at 2359H..

i think somewhere else got countdown or something .. but I was kinda leaving late ?
Doing nothing.. wandering around. fall asleep at don’t know what time.. woke up in the morning rush into the office..


Feeling a bit weird..the road so empty.. the toll gate was not busy as usual..


not so many car @ the parking lot.. normal Thursday will having it all fully utilized..


in front of bomba station also not many car spotted..



got no one in office also.. !!


Oh shit.. I think I’m the only one in KL forgot to know the next day after (31st December 2008) was a public holiday..

a google search.. return this ..

Malaysia State Public Holidays 2009


1 January (except Kedah, Perlis
Kelantan & Terengganu)
New Year’s Day

source : http://www.expat.com.my/Malaysian%20Public%20Holidays%202009.htm

anyway ..leaving office immediately after that heading to somewhere else as don’t know what to do..


it is a new year starting with a holiday.. .. ! (2009) marking my 10th year after SPM’99 .. and also for being with her since then..!