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read the normal one.. here..

one day i wake up in the morning to notice that
something is wrong somewhere but yet don’t know what the heck is wrong…

mumbling for few minute then my handphone rang..
it was the boss calling.. “Hello, are you on leave today..”.
“No..”..”Then see you in office in 30minute “..”Ok”..

take a peek at the clock.. wow.. it is 10.30 am.
damn .. I am now in deep shit..

what to do..? take a quick bath..
rushing to the car.. try to start the engine..
cold-… as usual it will be very hesitate to run.. damn..
giggling here also no use..
try with a lot of patient.. then successfully make it run..

have to wait for it to become a bit warm…else it will died-ed again at the middle of the journey ..
i had experienced this so many time before already..
vroom..vroom.. 5 minute plus .. took off from house compound..

trying to speed off to the office.. here come the PLUS toll..
owh.. forgot to topup touch’n’go card.. so need to use transit ticket.. arrggh.. need to que somemore..

time to go.. no jams.. yess…
15 minute arrived near office area.. where to park..
what the heck.. suddenly saw a blank parking near proton..

parked the car.. took elevator to 2nd floor..
elevator seem so slow.. as the time is now nearly 40minute plus..damn..

entered the door password.. dang.. boss immediately summon me to meeting room.. what the..
unprepared.. blur.. all kind of thing..

and yes.. boss explain in detail we are gonna do a layman weather pit-stop… bla.. bla..
no question asked about other thing..

and… is it possible to use google map as basemap..
yay.. luckily that one is one of my previous personal project to play with google map. so confidently can answer that is it possible and should’nt took more than hours to setup..
bla.. bla..

then.. ending.. yes. you should write about what I said into our wiki page.. dang.. what i am suppose to write..
but who cares..1 hour after meeting.. the page was up in the webserver..putting some nice screen and a lot of camouflage to cover up my lack..

the next day..
the boss append the wiki page.. with a question..

“when do i said that ??? ”

haha… life goes on..