I believe everyone that have attended high-school in Malaysia after post-1990 would had experience
the high-school graduation dinner ceremony.. thing have changed a lot since then..
If you would not have that kind of ceremony earlier , don’t worry .. you might be invited to your beloved
son/daughter high-school graduation really soon.. :)

I was invited to “Malam Selingkar Kasih” – “MSK” for “Orion” batch 2005-2009, of “Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya”.
It was held at “Dewan Seri Endon,Puspanitapuri,Putrajaya..” on Friday , 2nd October 2009.
(let the reason why I was invited only known to me .. heheheh ..:)

Unlike the usual ceremony, this time I forgot to bring any camera, or even my handphone was left at home..
hahaha… that was due to .. changing cloth , get this, get that.. thingy..
( surprisingly wore a ‘batik’ tonight… )
without the k530i’s camera phone.. i was a bit short-handed.. can’t do anything much.. :)
( kinda a handicapped … hahaha )

Ok. this is how it started..
I drove from Sg Buloh to Putrajaya toll.. there are some sort of traffic jam near NKVE-Shah Alam.


Or the link to the map as below :

Damansara Damai – Puspanita Puri

… the moment we arrive there , I think we’re already late,
but somehow got something to pick up.. some sort of number..
(my mind was wondering is this for lucky draw sort of..)
then.. the reception told us the seating..

then we entered the hall… “Dewan Seri Endon”
my first impression was … “waah.. so huge..”
had to get the guide to walk us to our seat.. (darn.. ~ :) )
it was table number “17”.. hehehe.. i think got about 80-100 table or so..
I think the moment we entered the hall, the “Pengetua” is giving her speech..

shortly after we had been seated, talk a bit with other friend/parent at the same table..
introducing our-self sort of…. then.. it was time to eat.. (yeay!!)
then while eating..
there is a booklet attached with the event schedule thing…
(only then realized that we are not too late..
as the main course (eating) is not yet started ..
but had missed a few earlier event.. haha)

.. I think there is scheduled selingan..
and there first performer (they selected between the student itself to perform at the stage this night.)
was singing the “Dan Sebenarnya – Yuna’s song”.. woohoo..!
(as this school is one of the all-girl school.. so, is not surprising.. to get a girl to perform first..)

then.. the next song was an English song.. can’t recalled the title but the lyric was something with
“Bring me to life ??” and a song with title “10-student something..”
I wouldn’t care much .. and just continuing with what is in my plate.. hehehe..
Until there is an announcement of another show….
a nice choreographs performed by “12-girl”..
it was a slow dance accompanied with some nice music and tempo..
I was surprised, until my partner noticed that I was amazed.. hahahah..
( a bit speechless ) ..

then.. there is some ‘duet’ song by two girl.. (it was nice.. the girl really got talent i think..)
… and that’s it..
then hall continue with a long speech from “Datin”.. bla..bla..
and lucky-draw 1st session..

(someone at our table mumbling.. “I was always been unlucky .. never got winning any lucky draw before..”

after that.. was the “awarding” for some title ..

1. Miss “Congenitality”
2. Miss “One in Million”
3. Miss “Shining Star”
4. Miss “MSK” (MSK – Malam Simpulan Kasih) _partner:” the is the ‘ratu’ for tonite’s event…”

.. then another round of “lucky draw”..

this time the one who complained earlier win herself a “rice-cooker”.. Woohoo~.
the 1st prize was a “Digital camera/video” if not mistaken..
won by the booklet numbered “0123”..
( according to organizer , the lucky draw number was randomly selected by computer.. )

.. hHmm..

i think after that was .. a multimedia show about “Orion” batch..

showing the slide(s) of photos as :

1.”junior” – form 1.. 2005

2.”super junior” – form 2 ..2006

3.”pre-senior” – form 3 .. 2007

4.”senior” – form 4 .. 2008

5. “super senior” – form 5 .. 2009

each photos.. was cheered by the student.. :)
and also .. “Batch Leader” for each year…
some nice word inside the multimedia had made someone on my table made this comment :

“Unfortunately , during our days.. there is no computer yet.. :)”

I think , everyone can’t help to but to flash-back their days in High-School again..
some have dropped some tears also.. :)

then.. there is a surprise “lucky draw” for the student only.. to win two Dell Mini Laptop .. (wooOOOw!!)
(sponsored by one of the company .. in cyberjaya.. i think)

.. the next event was..

“Majlis penyerahan semula anak2 kepada ibu bapa”..

a event where
symbolically presenting that ‘Pengetua’ for the behalf of the school,handed the ‘student’ back to their parent..

this is where the number we had collected before entering the hall really to be used..
parent… will hold their daughter number & name .. and line-up at the right-side of the stage..
while student will the line-up at the left-side of the stage..

then each student called onto the stage.. witnessed by ‘Pengetua’ ..
and ‘parent’ or ‘representative’ name would also called to receive their daughter..
(some were hugging on stage.. and some was really touching.. 8-) ..)
this is where my partner being called onto stage ( number 147 ) .. hahaha..
(doing a role as a sister.. :) )

and this went on.. until all about 160+ student being successfully handed-over to their parent..
at first i thought , that was the end of it..
but no..
got “Grand Finale”.. where all student get onto stage..
and sing about 2-3 song…
the first one was “Ella – Standing in the eyes of the world..”
.. the next song.. can’t remember.. i think is custom made..
then school song.. followed by “Negaraku”.. (this is where all audience also have to get up .. hehehe)

after that was,the whole batch photo shoot session by professional photographer..
(nice trick indeed.. get all student on stage to sing.. then arrange from there.. to get one nice big picture of everyone in the batch.. )


.. I think that’s it.. the end of this event..
but people still hanging around to take some more personal photo shoot session.. :)
( until eventually we managed to get back to basement car park )
sending her sister back to her school.. is about 1.8km from there ( thanks to GPS device.. )

… it was 1.30a.m :)

no wonder felt so damn sleepy.. but yeah..
But this event had made me at least recalled :

1. when i was celebrating my own high-school graduation day at “Crystal Lodge” , Kota Bharu kelantan
somewhere at the end of the year of 1999..

2. the “PALAPES USM” for “Y.O” mess-nite dinner at Penang Island..
– and also series of events after that nite.. huhu..

3. while organizing and completing graduation dinner for “School of Aerospace Engineering” for our senior at
“Dewan Utama, USM Engineering Campus..”

4. our own “Graduation Dinner” at one of the hotel in Seberang Prai.. at the end of our Final Year in USM.
.. and few other thing.. perhaps.. what happened during my final year at SMIP (’99) ~ :) ..
( nice to know her.. by that time.. she was still at form 1 .. hehehe :) )

p/s : some memory are meant to be recalled at some point of time in our life.. either for to learn from or just to
appreciate the life … (life is short.. let’s live it to the fullest..)