Early in the morning..of Sunday, 31st May 2009

have to ‘sembelih lembu’.. at about ~ 7.30 a.m





then.. ‘gotong royong untuk melapah… ‘

lembu di lapah

.. then time to move the ‘daging’ to dapur.. again.. “I am the driver…” hehee..

daging di bawa..

then time to ‘potong daging..untuk di masak’…

daging yg telah di potong..

again.. “Yang penting … Kerjasama..”.. hehehee 😎

gotong royong potong daging

.. team’buat air’!..

team buat air...

… then.. time to cook…

team masak-masak 1 team masak-masak 2

last… setting for the venue..


i think this is when i was off..for buying ‘santan ~ 10kg’.. and some other stuff…

me at pasar to buy santan 10 kg..

p/s : this part would be the tiring part… but worth it..~