Here come the reception ceremony for “Nasrin & Najili’s Wedding..”

.. “hantaran”..


after that.. couldn’t really took a proper pics.. as become a server (yet again~!) .. hahaha

have to wait till crowd is a bit less.. then only can continue snapping..

mom & dad..

my youngest little-brother..(Amru ~ 3 years.. he was born on 29th May 2006.)
amru on his bike....
‘posing’ here & there…

in front of the artwork..1

crews.. still a bit busy.. though..
refilling the pinggan...

also got chit-chat session and talk….
chit-chat session...

.. the part that I was trying to avoid most of the time.. when it come to talk about ‘abang nya bila lagi..~?’ haiya.. 8-)
chit chat 2.

makan-makan time… 8-)
makan2 time..

the desk for the ‘makan beradat’ have been taken-over by all the crewz…
tempat makan beradat...
keep on eating until the nite..
“makan tak henti-henti…mengalahkan pengantin pulak..”
eating at makan beradat desk...

p/s : a bit surprise.. but.. this time not only my 2nd sibling become a wife to his husband (Nasrin & Najili).. but
also my 3rd announced as husband to his wife.. (Karim & Lisa).. 8-)
.. so , either I had missed the train.. or get it as soon as possible.. muahahaha…
if anyone asked.. i would say.. i will wait till the 11th sibling getting married.. 8-)