I managed to get into
TM FA Cup 2009 Final Match“.. at National Stadium Bukit Jalil..via LRT.. hehee

together my friends and many more kelantanese… hehe

at first was kinda bit afraid to wear red all the way to the stadium .. as were going to use public transport..

started from LRT Sentul .. buying a round-trip ticket .. costing about RM 2.80×2 (else would have to que again to get back later..)
.. then while waiting for the LRT to arrived.. seem a lot people wearing red jersey.. (with title “Kelab Penyokong Kelantan” and “Kijang” )..


wah.. get up into the LRT.. fully packed.. and pickup some more people from next station.. hardly seen any yellowish team yet..
ehehhe.. time is about 5.30pm already.. wherever/whoever doesn’t matter anymore.. when everyone seem to talk with “bahase Kelate” ,
now a bit felling like while at home town.. hehehe..

arrived at Bukit Jalil LRT station around 5.45pm.. get off the train.. a sea of people “Red jersey”.. applauding the crowd with loud clap..

and together we match toward the stadium which is in front of the LRT.. with a bit of stair hike-up..

feel a bit early.. spend sometime to walk around and buying a “Red Jersey” and some food..
there are also “prayer room” right after getting out of the LRT station..