Yes.. for those have been with adsense for quite long time.. this would be an outdated thing..

But.. yes. I just received mine on 26th April 2009.. for the first time ever..

luckily maintain good connection my ex-landlord. so that he called me immediately upon receiving this letter.

(in fact .. i’d informed him that Google would be sending a letter to my old address.. at which he wasn’t believe at all.. hehehe)

How does it look like doesn’t matter..


.. but something inside it , is crucial for my Adsense account verification and to release the payment hold..  8-)

Hmm.. i’d missed the opportunity few month back .. at the moment when Google sending out sticker for free…

and I was happened to be in one of U.S  state..

at which if I was having great will-power to get it.. I would already having it by then.. now regret also no use. hahahaa

have to wait till the next wave…

p/s : still a bit tired and didn’t quite feel comfortable to talk via voice to anyone yet  , resulting from the sunday cheering event… hahaha..