This would be the first time for me to fill in the income tax form..

as usual.. every single thing we learn have its ” first time“.


Few thing that make me wonder these few days..

1. is to be able to understand what it is (really)… have no idea what this income tax all about before this.

2. to be able to fill in the right number into the box.

3. to be able to find the “guideline” for each section in the form.

4. to under why have to use  e-B2008 and why I only entitled to use e-BE2008..

5. how to browse to and clicked on to the “Borang” link at the left hand side.

scroll down till found BE2008.

6. print out a copy of form and try to fill in.

7. Understand what number that is starting with “SG”.. or “OG”

8. Understand what is other number that is related to my office that is starting with “B”

9. To know exactly .. what is my annual income.

10. To know exactly the ammount for KWSP , insurance and all.

11. Realized that have to retain the receipt for each book that I bought throughout the year.

12. To also know that.. “Sport Equipment” doesn’t included your sport shoes..

13. and also being voluntarily paid for “Zakat Fitrah” for all my siblings (11) is not a waste at all.
(going to repeat again this year.. but minus 1.. as one will get married to her husband soon..)

14. also to know how to get to MPAJ tower.. in case you have missed the last day for email PIN application.

(this year is 25th Apr. 2009~ but I only realized it on on 27th Apr. 2009..

after someone have asked a favor to visit

downloading a form and that’s bout it..but accidentally read the announcement at the website.. hahaha.. one of my habit  i think.. read whatever glanced at screen..)


15. to know that it is requiring 16-digit PIN to activate e-filing.. (bring along your pen & paper to write it).. hehe

16. last not least.. remembering your maybank account number.. will speed up the typing time for keying the info into the LHDN server .. and save a lot of time…is quite fast actually if can remember all those digit in your life.. hahahaa..

17. if you got your name spelled wrongly .. can also be fixed on the spot.. but in the consultant room.. (10sec only.)

as long as the IC number is correct. ( mine got it spelled as MANRAN ~ someone hit the reverse script i think).

i left office around 8.00 p.m.. heading toward MPAJ tower.. only arrived there after 8.45p.m..  ~ due to my ignorance of reading proper sign board.. (better get GPS next time.)… ended up moving around “Kg Pandan”..Pandan Jaya.. Pandan Perdana.. and on the way back. “UK Perdana”.. haiya.. also skipped the parking ticket by parking the car far outside of MPAJ compound.. the ticket is RM 3 per entry.. though.. night also charged..

how did i get the route ? ..

1. go to .. search for menara MPAJ.

2. get the coordinate of the Menara MPAJ from the wikimapia.

Coordinates: 3°7’40″N   101°45’11″E
Pusat Pemprosesan LHDNM – Menara C MPAJ

or here..

3.go to

enter the coordinate and search.

coordinate search[]

.. click direction.. enter my current location.. press “Get Directions”

something like this..


Get Directions []

.. click on printer icon.. It would popup another window with text only..

print that one out and bring along.. (also study the map a bit.. can drag the (line) of route if want to change it to use different route.)

p/s : that’s all for my first experience with LHDN.. Your Measurement May Vary ..(YMMV)

i think next year can complete it at home only..and did’nt have to go to MPAJ..again..

(unless have to pay huge money ..~ then have to prepare a cheque.. and all.. but that would already make me  a more less a successful CEO.. haha.. day dreaming..~!)