Somehow today.. I just managed to overcome some problem..
haha.. at last.. can correctly insert the google adsense code to the blog and
also the referrer link into main page..

quite a relief today..
nothing much to worry about..
and also got one new server .. hahaha..
dedicated server access ~!.. great present.. i guess.
the new irc server hub have been put up.. available at port 6667

Manage to borrow another three book from library.. and also have enough time to ‘lepak’
at the eye.. enjoy the show a lot.. started at 9.00p.m for about 45 min.. got chance to be
at the ‘grandstand’… completely different view today.. haha..
gonna upload that video soon..

uhhh.. what am i doing .. poking around till 5.00 am last night.. today i am gonna get some sleep..