On the last week, there is an interesting event in KLCC convention centre . 12-13th December 2017 to be exact.

It is the “Global Entrepreneurship Community Summit 2017”.
I was asked whether am interested to join as part of company representative, so I got myself registered.

It is a two-days event, and fully packed with GEC-Lab.
Which consist of small group of people talking about very specific topic, lead by the host or organiser.

The hall 5 is well known to host various of event before this, including the infamous “PC-Fair” few years back. So, you can expect the visitor would have to go from the beginning the hall until the end to see everything. Oh, I think it is also where the “Bahtera” event was hosted last 2 years.

[More photos..]

The event is fully packed with content I must say, there are simultaneous event running at different hall or lab at the same time.
You can check it from the schedule provided by the organiser upon registration.



Oh, I can claim the FREE book at the bag counter on day 2.

Here is some interesting photos that I took from the event.



Oh, there are also a nice set of scribble at the end of 2nd second day.

I will post it in next post.