Changes ~ it start from within us.

Let start with some question .. when was the your first house is built ?

1. the moment you signed the Sale and Purchase ?
2. the moment the bank approved the loan?
3. the moment you got the house key ?
4. the moment you settled all the payment ?

.. nah.. it is when you first imagine the house is yours.
That is when it is built. right there.
Then you takes the actions and all necessary stuff to make it happen.
you talk to agent to get the house price .. you meet the banker.
you see the law firm to get the sale and purchase drafted..
and many more details.. until you finally handed the house keys.

Same goes to the changes.. it start when we decided we want to change.
Not when someone else trying to coax you into their idea of change.
If you didn’t somehow accepting it.. nothing gonna change.

the proverb is similar to the ..
“You can lead the horse to water, but you can’t make him drink.”

I would love to tell that each of us have our own strenght, our own talent,
capability and all the thing that we need to soldier on this world.
However, sometimes there are time when we need someone else to point out..
“Hey , why don’t you use this and this.. ” which could spark some better idea
of how we handle thing in life.

Again, it is up to us…
the power of change is something somewhere at our own hand..

p/s : started the 90-days of self-test on myself.
day-1 25 July 2011..
day-30 will be on 25 August 2011.
day-60 will be on 25 September 2011.
day-90 will be on 25 October 2011.

Let’s see the result soon.