hmm.. seem funny. we are seeing a lot of culture shock.. not only in UMNO putras.. but

also in DAP leader.

but it is the reality.. the Opposition  now become government for 5 state..

but one particular leader still behave as such an  Opposition.. hey.. wake up..

“we’re now in the process of governing the state government.. ”

if DAP become such sarcastic( first reject and later apologize) because of being afraid to what MCA and UMNO will say about them  ..

then I will say what the fuck .. did you really care what will MCA / UMNO say …  they are the loser now.. that is the reality.. should be abandon it now ?

and what do you think bout what rakyat say ?

You are playing such trick / flip -flop thing once again.. there will be sure as hell..

that we the rakyat  pull over the DAP. say no to DAP in next election..

If the leader of DAP can’t change of being evil we can even put a permanent ban on DAP wherever on earth is having Malays as it citizen.this is much more dangerous than the BN.

You have made me think the known devil is much more better than unknown devil.. so. will you show what kind of Devil you think you are ? so .. now the hidden agenda of DAP is revealed ? next election I suggest PAS should put at least one candidate whenever DAP is contesting..  or even better put a candidate at all available seat in Parliment.. even thought it is in Sabah & Sarawak.. can start from now also.. as the next election can be anytime.. if this kind of thing keep happening.. the next election might not be at next 5years anymore.. it will be less.. plus  I don’t expect thing to change overnight.. so start early ..

if PAS candidate is lacking of fund.. seek donation from us.. the netizen.. as long as the stand is correct we will support.

those who has not been in Kelantan.. then do not say anything bout kelantan..

if you saying PAS is radical.. you have no idea what the hell is happening in kelantan..

go and ask kelantanese-chinese.. hear what they preach and say bout PAS.

now after not more 72hours of the first event.. PKR is doing the same thing also..

what the heck..  make it even worst now.. next i think PAS should also do the same..

and we will see what happened next.. the no-brainer thing.. and by-election can be expected in less 1 month time. and get rid of both DAP and PKR.. for short sighted leader.

May God bless all of us..

be patient with the wind of change which is blowing  all over malaysia at the moment …..