Contradict to popular writing, this one approach exactly the opposite.
How not to be a millionaire..

One of the article written in a magazine “Personal Money”.

And the top of the list is :

1. Buy a sport car.

2. Subsequently pay for the installments, road tax,
auto insurance, ever increasing fuel,sky-high parking fee,traffic offences ,maintenance fee,new sports rim,
spoilers and an over-the-top auto sound system.

3. If that isn’t enough, buy a 1000cc motorbike. Just because..

4. Be extra nice to your parents,MOve-out.
Rent that dream bachelor’s pad,fill it with minimalist designer furniture, Invest in a proper kitchen even if you can’t cook.

5. Buy a really big TV don’t bump out, anything below 50 inches is microscopic..

6. More absolutely certain it’s fully HD. Don’t forget that why import 7.1 Channel THX certified surround sound system.

7. Spend a bomb to sound-proof for home because the neighbours can’t appreciate your 7.1 channel THX certified surround sound system.

8. Buy a PS3, buy an X-Box 360, buy a Wii,
Buy a PSP , Buy a DS.While you are at it,
get an MILA as well.

9. Feel free to add to your sneakers,t-shirt,log book, manga and Hello Kitty collection.

10. Buy extra-curricular activities like go-karting, mountain bike,remote controlled cars,planes..

11. Tip off your favourite sport team.
Go and see them play at least once a year in the UK.
Pay black market prices if can’t get a ticket..

12. Bid on autographed or pre-owned l (like that sweaty never ever been washed t-shirt thrown into the crowd by the-captain after a cup winning final).

13. Get a girlfriend, spare no expense,
Buy her the latest in designer and beauty brand.
Add regularly to her collection ..

14. Buy her sexy lingerine.. Heck , get her ten..
Now, that’s an investment that could pay off in spades..

15. Pay for here manicure,pedicure,hair and beauty treatments.Pay for her occassional shimmering seasons.. bla..bla..

and few more lines..

… and Finally ended with..

“Now if you really want to enjoy everything that up there before your metabolism starting to slow and your belly begins to bloat, simply subscribe to ‘Personal Money Magazine'”..


p/s : some ads are getting better… but some really annoying.. :)

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