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Adding IPv6 capabilities to Windows XP network interface

Assuming you already have the infra for IPv6 ..
but only left windows XP not yet able to use IPv6.

Go to Network Properties.

Right click on the device/interface-> properties

Click Install.

Click on protocol..

Choose IPV6.

ipconfig shall reveal your ipv6 ips.


test to ping ipv6 destination.

.. or use http://test-ipv6.com/ to test.

hmm.. the shortcut to all above click-and click.
is. open up command prompt.

netsh interface ipv6 install 


but windows XP doesn’t support IPv6 DNS usages.. *sigh*.
windows 7 onward only can define IPv6 DNS..

but you can still use the recursive DNS server on IPv4 that support IPv6 query. :)

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