The journey and the music

After about 10 years after the high school..
I used to travel not-so-long-distance almost yearly..

If not for “Hari Raya..” there are certain occasion that I would have to drive back to hometown..
such as long mid-term break after matrix.. (semester break..)
with a ‘KTM train’ – “Seremban- Wakaf Bharu”.. normally departed at 9.20pm and arrived
Wakaf Bharu at about 7.30am.. such long hours…
I can’t help but to get something play with ..
provided the ‘economic package’ would not offer any onboard-entertainment at all ..
except the rhythm from the railroad noise and the train itself..
so ended up bringing a ‘walkman’ with enough battery to play some sort of tape.. at that time..
that’s the music that would accompany me for quite sometime..

but once in a while, i would walk to the restroom or the canteen..
and also hang out at the connector ‘deck’ with ‘smoking’ friend.. (haish.. these day)
most of my journey would be a night trip.. so would be less hot..
but have to be careful enough to wear sweater or something to not catch a cold.. hehehe..
( KTM train’s aircond is known as ‘cold’ and can’t be turned off entire night.. *Sigh*)

Then thing had changed.. while I was at USM Engineering Campus (Nibong Tebal,Penang)..
During ‘Raya’ there would be chartered ‘bus’ by student society or something..
so can get back to Kelantan together with most of my ‘Kampung folks’..
not so bored as the bus is much more comfortable .. not much noise..
either too quiet .. or too much talkative person onboard. hahaha
but is less boring.. as the ‘Driver’ also used to play some VCR ‘movie’ onboard..
depend.. either is a “Hindustan” movie such as this
or something more less like this..

Didn’t quite follow the mainstream media at that time.. as most of foreign movie would
be made available at ‘Hostel LAN Network’.. if recalled correctly that time
we used to have (File) “SysReset Server Tracker” plugin for Mirc..
but the thing is .. some kind of ‘entertainment’ had been on board during journey to keep us occupied..
Oh.. i can’t really read a book while on journey.. it make me feel want to vomit.. (high possible of ended up to get headache ~ dizzy) hahaha..

these day .. ‘walkman’ not so popular i guess.. except for those nerdy that would bring it to class
to ‘record’ lecture.. :P
for ‘mp3’ music and all , is well played with Personal Computer (PC) in hostel room..
even that time got up to ‘ShoutCast’ radio station inside LAN …
again..music tend to be listened up while most troublesome time..
before final.. thesis writing period.. bla..bla..
( who can deny .. he/she not listening to any music during that days..? )

one song that I remember one of my friend to used to compliment each time was the song titled “She” – Nottingham Hill.

then the “Final countdown – Europe” would be the most ‘requested’ song each time toward “Final Exam”..hahaa
Hmm.. toward the final year.. there are time we get to hometown using our own car..
some folks does have ‘own’ car at that time..
but I had remained to be loyal ‘walker’ in the campus.. (one friend had once used to poked me as “askar pejalan kaki” .. hehe)

But during the final trip to hometown after the last “final exam..” , we opted to get home with a car.
Hmm.. i think that was when I got into a ‘car drift scene action’ at “Grik”.. (or could be the earlier trip?)
The song that my friend used to play during the trip was either from “mawaddah nasyid
and this.

Ok.. after the time had changed, I started work..and managed to get ‘Kancil 850-Manual’ as my first car..
then.. I would able to select my own ‘playlist’ to be played during the trip.. hehehe.
Hmm.. since got my own car, I could hardly get into a bus trip except once for the company trip to
“Bukit Fraser” on ‘2005’ for a “Team-Builder” .. :)
the road toward uphill “Bukit Fraser” just way too dangerous for a small car such as “Kancil”.. 8-)

The long trip would be either alone.. or accompanied by one of my friend..
but never failed to get home each year.. until I had decided to give up my car to home.. :)
then would be back as “askar pejalan kaki”.. using “LRT” and public transport for about another 1year
i think.. then got my ‘1-year dream car’ ~ ‘Honda Prelude’.. gosh..
that time was so damn excited.. put on some sort ICE (In-car entertainment) .. USB capable Media player
from “KenWood” if not mistaken..
but that joys didn’t last long.. as the car always got into trouble.. ended up in/out workshop
every single month.. until it got “Taken Away” for good.. 8-)
.. and to make it worst.. it was insured as ‘3rd party’.. so ‘nothing’ can be claimed.. except the ‘police report’
(that would be my ‘most financial mistake’ so far ~ how to lose 16k within less than 6month ~ )

after few month of ‘struggle’ I got my new shiny Myvi SE..
now it comes with “Bluetooth” technology .. so can play all my song inside my handphone to the car stereo..
so.. during my first ‘Raya trip’ with myvi.. I can play my own fav. song all the way..
Normally I would enjoy just normal song and bla..bla..like what others listening to..

but .. its time to keep with the ‘tendency to fall asleep’ during the long journey..
I would played this song again and again ..
as my head would be wondering.. “How da heck ..could this guy ever played his drum as such..?”
my ‘teammate’ would understand.. if I started to play this kind of song..
it would mean “I am tired.. and I need something to keep me up..” hahaha.

I was wondering.. about how did he beat his drum to make that sound..
until found this on youtube :

(pretty fast.. isn’t it ? )

p/s : how bout yours..?
I believe there must be some ‘music’ to somehow had accompanied us during those ‘journey’..

Namran Hussin: a soft spoken guy... with exceptional interest in computers and technology. I love to learn new thing and also love to break thing for the sake of learning.. but I do abide to the self-imposed limitation or certain thing such as social thing in life, thing can be done and thing that must be avoided at whatever cost such as drug,illegal tracking, smoke,illicit activity..etc.muahahaha let's share what we had in this short term of the life.! make it worth of the living.~

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