UniFi broadband service : One week down!!

My uniFi service at home is using VDSL router as my apartment is categorized as high-rise building.

So my streamyx line is no longer available upon installing the uniFi. Almost instaneous switch over as it sharing the same phone port at home to one of TM exchange / fiber equipment.

At first the service was marvelous,  high-speed broadband with additional services such as iptv and voip. Am subscribing VIP5 for RM149 per month.The installation is on 26th August 2010.The VOD (video on demand) is just great as am no longer need to subcribe Astro.

However it doesn’t last long,during the heavy rain session at the last quarter or Ramadhan. The Iptv service had been deteoriating as having way too many “noise” / “corrupt ” screen.
It could have been because some other issue as my downloaded file in *.iso or *.rar is having CRC check error.Almost a useless state as my VPN connection to office also keep dropping every minute or so. Not to mention the freezing VNC and SSH sessions,beside the corrupted downloaded file.

And on 8th September 2010 around 3.30pm, suddenly the HyppTv stopped working, it had frozen screen, followed by my internet link. No more surfing.
The Voip dect phone also not usable as having “engage” sound whenever trying to make call to 1300881221.
Tried to restart the VDSL router quite few time but to no avail.DSL Link status light keep blinking,  normally it would stays on.

I was trying to call TM unifi technical service (1300 88 1221) since then but only managed to talk to their “pegawai perkhidmatan” at about 8.30pm.
As usual she asked for restarting the router…
and the status on SET-TOP-BOX is “INIT’..
orange router (Dlink DIR 615) Is having orange color on internet status light ..
The VDSL – DSL status light is blinking..

Finally she assigned me the report number as said the technical team will check on the next day if there is technician on standby  at Sungai Buloh.
The next day is Thursday (9 September 2010)… just a day before raya. Wait until noon also no one called. Not fixed by itself also.called the TM unifi service again…mentioning the report number.. “we are still waiting for network engineer to check”.

The next day is raya.. 10 September 2010.(Friday )
Didn’t bother to call.

The following day Saturday ..
11 September 2010.
Called again.. “still in progress.. there is someone working today… we will check for you..”
Till end of day ..nothing.

Sunday… no news.

Then come Monday 13 September 2010.this time no longer able to get a hook to TM unifi service center … so opted to send email to unifi@tm.com.my
Sent from unifi.my webmail over the phone.. amazingly within few minutes got response ..”we have highlighted the urgency for your case to our technical team…bla..bla”. So waited till night .. no news.. sent another email that night… no reply..

Next morning.. Tuesday 14 September 2010.
Still not fixed and no longer able to hold the line with TM unifi call center…”semua pegawai kami sedang sibuk.. panggilan anda adalah penting bagi kami… sila tunggu..” and repeating for more 7minutes… gave up.. sent another email asking “are you guys still on holiday? “.no reply..

But at about 2.30pm someone called saying from tm unifi. Asking about the problem… explained .. and also mentioned that is had been down since 8 September 2010..
“Kami sudah check.. network OK tidak ada masalah.. mungkin nak kena hantar orang pergi check kat rumah encik”..

“Bila boleh encik”
Me: “datang dalam sejam dari sekarang boleh?”
Unifi:”maaf encik,  hari nie tak buleh lah.. esok pukul 2ptg boleh?”

Me: “esok..??!!”
Unifi: “maaf encik kita kurang staff..”

Me:”pagi esok boleh tak?”
Unifi: “saya cuba.. nanti kita call balik kalau dapat pagi.kalau tak pukul 2 ptg ye”

Until this time 10.49am 15 September 2010.
No sign of service recovery yet..

For those who would like to help

Case Id : 1-274542061

P/s :  … congratulations and thanks to TM .. am now already had one week holiday from office work due to “great” unifi broadband service…

Namran Hussin: a soft spoken guy... with exceptional interest in computers and technology. I love to learn new thing and also love to break thing for the sake of learning.. but I do abide to the self-imposed limitation or certain thing such as social thing in life, thing can be done and thing that must be avoided at whatever cost such as drug,illegal tracking, smoke,illicit activity..etc.muahahaha let's share what we had in this short term of the life.! make it worth of the living.~

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  • pernah mengalami keadaan yang sama long ago masa kat KL during holiday season. End up terminate streamyx lalu pakai U Mobile.

    I knew how you feel bro...

  • bro...i pity 4 u.but i think i know 1 or 3 things of how they work.Once they lodge ur case iD, they need to pass it to network portion to the network team.They need to wait while they do checkin and if everythg is ok and network team gave greenlight to check with local portion, the centre will try to slot for technician.But these based on availability of technician at your area. Most of them need to do installation of HSBB too! I think problem is they lack of staff..Really!If not the case wont take long time to be solve.I believe so.Conclusion, man power issue. I pity u as customer and TM as well.

  • Having same problem with above mentioned, after first installation, everything was great for about 1 week or so, than my unifi went dead for 3 says. TM responds says they know about this issue as many user were affected as well. They are currently on it and will fixed it a.s.a.p.
    After getting back my unifi was great again for a week or so and than the lines just keep dropping almost every minute or so. Voip are affected as well. Can't even talk and hold the line for a minute.
    I feel so cheated as when they came to our condo @ Menera Megah Condo, Jalan Ipoh Batu 3 to do promotion saying how great and good it is.
    Now can't get any service from TM as the call Centre is always on auto blah blah blah or on hold forever if u request for technical assistant.

  • Hi i think i am sort of same issue liek above poster lance and the author.
    Any idea or can mail me let me know whats the problem.
    The technician came few times yet still cannot fix.

  • I face the same issue too...
    Since before Raya till now...
    Yst just call to their center again, which 12 Sept , they say will call back to u later....
    till now never recieve their call.
    So now, my next question is, who is going to pay the Hypp TV bill for me?
    Since it service break down for 6 weeks alrd...
    sucks man

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