Starting with..
a picnic in “Pantai Melawi ..” near bachok..

then ..
after an hour long of ‘berendam’ in the sea..
and playing with the tide..
rush to the cannot ‘tahan’ anymore..
so ..tiring..
while in the middle of eating or something..




“Ayam da abis…nasi ada banyak lagi nie..
acu g cari lauk ayam kat kedai kot2..ade”

Hmm.. let’s go find some additional lauk nearby..

start the car..
went to the melawi to tok bali , gunung (junction)..
Hmm.. most of the shop only either sell ‘goren pisang’ or just kedai runcit..

and move a bit forward.. got small stall..
selling some sort of ‘sup’..
got no ‘ayam goreng’..
hmm.. heck..
then i just sped off to “pantai irama bachok..”

there got many stall , selling ‘udang goreng’ , ‘ayam goreng’, ‘ABC’, ‘cendol’, and many others..

ended up ..not just buying ‘ayam goreng’ but a bunch of
additional ‘itenary’.. muahahaha
well.. trying to control the crowd of ‘un-controllable’..

surprisingly, there is not so many people at pantai irama bachok.. at that time..
could be it was too early.. ( around ~ 12.30pm ).
well.. it was saturday (1 august 2009)..anyway..
and my phone had already out-of-battery by that time… hahahaha


then only rush back to pantai melawi.. as there is another group still playing/hanging out there..
… get out for another round at 1.00p.m
to pick up my younger sister staying at
KIST (near “sudara beach resort” ?) .

she can’t get home early this weekend because of
the extra class on the saturday morning..

well.. by the time we reach pantai melawi again.. it was around 1.30p.m

Hm..after about another 2-3 hours.. i think..
we decided to pull over..
and only managed to stop at the mosque near the (gunung, tok bali) junction..
hehehe.. as the mosque near the beach was out-of-water sort of..
then.. after a while..
the other car was going straight back to home.
but i had to go toward tok bali to send my younger sister back to her “KIST”‘s college.

on the way there.. we say a sign.. “pantai bisikan bayu”.. hehe..
as none of us ever been there.. why not try to reach there this time.. i think it just another 9-12km from the “pantai melawi”, gunung junction..

after about 15minute of drive , we reach tok bali..
there is .. “pusat penaikan ikan”..
well.. someone suggesting to buy some fresh fish..
Hmm.. let’s make it a stop on the way back later..

as we move onto the some sort of uphill-bridge at tok bali..
well.. it was really high as we can see the shoreline / beach clearly from the top..
.. and it was starting to rain at that time..
the air was so cold.. :)

about another 15minute or so..
we reach the “Pantai Bisikan Bayu”..
and to my surprise..

the beach was so straight… can see from one end to the other end..
it also so near to shore.. as it was also so “steep” .. or ‘sloping’
.. and the sound of the tide/ sea was noticeably is more loud compare to other beach
we visit earlier.. could be that was the ‘why’ it was named as “Pantai Bisikan Bayu”.

well.. i didn’t manage to get into the sea this time.. only spent a wonderful 15minute of
beach walking there.. only my little brother.. (amru) got wet.. as he love to jump over the seashore line/ sea.. and we were forced to leave as it is starting to rain heavily ..

and.. on the way back , we did stopped at the tok bali.. “pasar @naik”
and the price of the
‘ikan selayang’.. RM 4 per kg.
also got small ‘sotong’ RM 6 per kg..
and my mom also bought few other stuff..

However for me , I only bought a RM 1 of keropok.. well.. it got 10 stick of them… hehehee
and two ‘air cendol’.. hhahahaha.. so damn thirsty ..

then all the way to home via KIST again-> took gunung -> pauh lima -> melor -> peringat.. reach home at 6.30p.m .. hahahaa..

that nite.. is another story..
sending another sister to jalan langgar (transnasional) bus terminal…
suppose the bus is at 11.00p.m..
but somehow is only departed from there at 12.05 midnite…

.. and there was ‘blackout’ at home before i go to sleep !!

p/s : next day was sunday… a working/school day in kelantan..