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Jomgig.com has been launched and tuned..

If you kinda bored with mainstream music .. from the same media work-out and blow-up..

this would be another alternative place for you then..

Needless to say, the are a lot of option.. such as youtube, mms streaming from some
underground radio such as (live365.com , radio.namran.net ..bla..bla..)..

Perhaps, can add to our list ..


Its claimed as :

Malaysia Indie Band & Music jomgig.com.

Our guitars are now tuned. Let’s rock!

Now that we have launched, you can begin to register your bands and complete your personal and band profile.

Bands, upload your profile, photo, songs and vidzz here and give yourself the exposure you need to make yourself known.

Fans, update yourself on your favourite bands and get to know kindred souls who have the same Indie spirit as you. Browse through our bands, vidzz and traxx to find that new talent you never knew about. Share your thoughts on bands, songs and videos.

We have lots more in store for you, coming soon, so stay with us and let us be YOUR place for INDIEvidual entertainment.

Oh well..
i was kinda out of tune if you asked me to go to certain concert or gig event..
but .. i would love to listen to it.. hehehe..

hence..the more band added to the jomgig.com .. the more it reach out … i think.


p/s: music therapy got something to do with music and mind ..right ?

Namran Hussin:

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