I believe everyone are now blaming streamyx or their ISP for the slow connection.
But did you ever asked why thing become slow ..?
Rewind back 6 year ago, i think was heaven, even using Kazaa is so damn fast..

Until someone somewhere implementing ‘TCP packet monitoring and analyzing’ looking for p2p header.
Then things started to crawl.. almost every single become slower.
But exactly the same infrastructure that used to be ‘fast’ before that ..

FYI, this monitoring and packet analysis somehow had eaten a lot of resource and limiting
the network capacity utilization. Added with ‘in-experience’ Network Administrator
for the new thing to implement ..

Then got proxy, content filtering.. bla..bla..
let alone the mis-configurated router or gateway..

Then come to TM, if you ever heard..
P2P throttling.. that is when it started to slow down a lot of thing.
Guess what, who did asked for every ISP to get such throttling and filtering ?

Is not anything else.. but the music owner ..RIAA.. ( read here for a long article )

some of my personal interpretation :

in order to protect ‘their’ so-called intellectual property , everyone else must suffer.
If the song is so damn good.. i don’t think their fan would be hesitate to buy original CD/DVD.
even though thing can be downloaded from the net.

But these blood sucker.. go around and sue everyone..
who distributed ‘their property’ illegally ..
Hmm.. not enough with that,
They insist to have every higher education to have ‘sufficient’ p2p packet monitoring and filtering
in place.. ( to block anyone distribute their mp3s via p2p based software )
as the result .. not only mp3z are blocked on p2p.. even the files from legal thing also been drastically slowed down..
take *.iso image of open source O/S as an example.. ( what in world is that been illegal ? is meant to be distributed ).
and many other GPL’ed stuff…

oh .. did they succeed? .. if their intention is to make us suffer.. YES!!
but did they managed to stop piracy… hell NO!!
is still happening.. if not via p2p.. bluetooth from phone 2 phone also can..
and 1001 more ways to do that..
but did the fan bought the original after that .. of course yes..
because somehow they want to show support to their artist… even without copyright stupid string attached.

.. I believe is just damaging badly to the humanity lah..!

Green Packet P1 wimax is fast at the moment ?
wait till it got enough user.. then we will see..
this throttling thing will at least slow you down..
if not the bandwidth limit for the month.. hahahaha

music is great.. but seriously .. it had to be different way of business model perhaps (time have change.. NOW not the 80s, 90s era anymore )..
Spread the love … and
“Go Indie.. ”

visit : jomgig.com for some of this kind of band..
there are many example nowadays..

take “Yuna” for one.. not need fancy copyright stuff…
but yet..
her album(EP) is even sold in “Korea” ..
and local fan still buying her EP until sold-out..
isn’t that mean our community is not that bad.. right?

p/s: there are things that TMnet went suck…
but seriously there are more concerning thing happening..
If you are prefer just to ‘Potong’.. go ahead..
less user would make ‘Streamyx’ somehow become a bit faster.. hahahahaa

hail to http://www.everyoneconnect.net ‘s buzz..
( kinda got a ‘hunch’ from the start is from TM .. counter-ads of ‘potong’ if you realized .. )
yes.. the song is “Through my Window”.. which is “Open for Collabration” ..
no string attached..
anyone can download the song..
anyone can derive their own version whatsoever..
( if the musician ever learn something… hahahahaaha )

this one thing i would stay with TM..!!

p/s II : spread the love.. not the the hate..
.. ( get everyone to connect to everyone, not to get everyone to ‘cut’ anyone.. :) )