I got the event invitation via [Shaf Chenko] on FB..

the event is for public.. no entrance fee..

but somehow the event’s flyer rather limited or only reachable within FB network..

let’s see the flyer..


I did managed to get there only after 4.30pm..

got some jam toward the Subang Airport via NKVE link..
the moment I was there, crowd was not that big..
but the performer at that time was “Sharp Shooting” is doing an amazing show.. :)
realized the sound system and audio is a bit “high-end”..
[ i think can even powered up the big concert.. in more huge place ]
according to Shaf Chenko “the equipment was specially rented for this event..”
i think got tuned and all by external party..

btw : this event is organized by “Faculty of Hotel tourism Management UiTM Malaysia”
and there is…
jomgig.com booth, located right in front of the stage [pun intended]..
being attended by “Ikhwan” and the “Sirenia” ..

can buy t-shirt, cds [EP].. and all ..

i think..is pretty ‘cool’..
plus ..got “chicks” also.. haha..

p/s :
oh.. “Siren” lead by “Shaf Chenko” going to perform at this venue tomorrow morning..
let’s see if you catch them right there..