No matter how did we listen to the music, sometime we just
need a good music as “halwa telinga”..and not more than that..

Many of the radio station nowadays , either been flanked with advertising
here and there.. but there are also trying very hard to get their own
propaganda through ~ via the air… (no pun intended ~ hehe).
Google for how many radio station is under “Media Prima”.

Same source.. how did you expect to get different thing ?
well.. I used to run my own radio server during student day @ USM
Engineering Campus , Nibong Tebal , Penang
(let’s see if some USM bot pickup this as news .~ hehe).

Because sometime , I have to be away from my own comfort room at hostel, and being somewhere with intranet connection..

such as at friend’s room/ event pc / school’s lab. .. then I just need to enter my own ip address into WinAMP/ Media Player / Real Player to tap to my own music streaming from my own pc.. hahaha.
That time also got it opened to all user in our network and connected via Mirc bot used to update the Song Title.. and also to attend to “Song Request” accordingly..

Well, is not perfect.. but it is kinda
when can see the small crowd managed to play with it a bit.~

As a getaway from the normal radio.. but sometime.. when bored.. also get it to tap to and re-broadcast for those who doesn’t have radio in room,
but have intranet/internet connection via LAN. 8-)

Well, here I want to share how to setup our own radio server with almost free software available on the net.

First, download ShoutCast radio server installer or binary from

the filename is
For Linux with glibc :

For Windows :

.. well for linux machine such as mine with Centos 5.3 .
just need to extract the binary

cd /tmp/
cd /home/user/bin/
tar zxfv /tmp/sc_serv_1.9.8_Linux.tar.gz

this will extract these file


now .. need to tune it a bit.
edit the /home/user/bin/sc_serv.conf

--- sc_serv.conf.orig   2009-07-02 20:26:55.000000000 +0800
+++ sc_serv.conf        2009-07-02 20:27:14.000000000 +0800
@@ -26,8 +26,7 @@ MaxUser=32
 ; consist of only letters and numbers, and is the same server your broadcaster
 ; will need to enter in the SHOUTcast Source Plug-in for Winamp.  THIS VALUE
 ; PortBase. This is the IP port number your server will run on.  The
 ; value, and the value + 1 must be available.  If you get a fatal error when
 ; the DNAS is setting up a socket on startup, make sure nothing else on the
@@ -140,7 +139,7 @@ NameLookups=0
 ; will grant the right to kick, ban, and specify reserve hosts.
 ; The default is undefined (Password allows control for both
 ; source and admin)
-; AdminPassword=adminpass
 ; AutoDumpUsers controls whether listeners are disconnected if the source
 ; stream disconnects. The default is 0.
@@ -155,7 +154,7 @@ AutoDumpSourceTime=30
 ; on-demand content from.  Subdirectories are supported as of DNAS 1.8.2.
 ; Default is ./content, meaning a directory named content in the same directory
 ; as where sc_serv was invoked from.
-; ContentDir=./content
 ; IntroFile can specify a mp3 file that will be streamed to listeners right
 ; when they connect before they hear the live stream.
@@ -185,12 +184,13 @@ AutoDumpSourceTime=30
 ; 'Billy plays the blues', then the net title is
 ; 'Justin Radio: Billy plays the blues'. Note: only works on non-relay servers.
 ; The default is no format string.
-; TitleFormat=Justin Radio: %s
+TitleFormat=HawkEYE Radio: %s  -
 ; URLFormat specifies a format string for what url is sent to the listener.
 ; Behaves like TitleFormat (see above).
 ; The default is no format string.
-; URLFormat=
 ; PublicServer can be always, never, or default (the default, heh)
 ; Any setting other than default will override the public status

well.. change the above to suit your need accordingly.

Then.. to run it..

cd /home/user/bin

if everything alright.. you will have something like this.

Oh.. you can also check it with internet browser .. such as Firefox.
Hmm.. also click on listen to test… but that can wait.. until we feed something to it to stream first.. wait..

Then..time to feed it with some source..

oh.. need to download another client.
if in windows have to download
1. WinAMP .
2. Shoutcast Radio DSP Plugin for WinAMP. (here.)

and for linux like me.

just download this binary .

extract it.

cd /home/user/bin/
tar zxfv sc_trans_posix_040.tgz

this will extract these files.


Hmm.. copy out sc_trans_linux

cp /home/user/bin/sc_trans_040/sc_trans_linux /home/user/bin/sc_trans
cp /home/user/bin/sc_trans_040/sc_trans.conf /home/user/bin/sc_trans.conf
cp /home/user/bin/sc_trans_040/example.lst /home/user/bin/radio.lst

edit the /home/user/bin/sc_trans.conf to reflect this patch

--- sc_trans.conf.orig  2009-07-02 20:47:06.000000000 +0800
+++ sc_trans.conf       2009-07-02 20:48:18.000000000 +0800
@@ -16,20 +16,20 @@
 ; PlaylistFile (required EVEN IF RELAYING) - playlist file (to create, use
 ; find /path/to/mp3/directory -type f -name "*.mp3" > playlist_filename.lst
 ; ServerIP/ServerPort are the target server to send to
 ; Password is the password on the sc_serv you're sending to.
 ; StreamTitle/URL/Genre define the data that appears on the directory and in the
 ; stream info.
-StreamTitle=My Gay Son
-Genre=genres go here
+StreamTitle=HawkEYE Radio
 ; Logfile optionally denotes a text file to log sc_trans to.  a kill -HUP
 ; will force a close and re-open of this file (but will also cease logging to

Then have to edit radio.lst for the song listing..
it shall have something like this..pointing to wherever you song file is..

# the .conf file!

Hmm.. then here i would to too shortcut ..

I run a xmms..
click on new playlist..

click on “Add Directory”
browse and point to my song folder.

press Add.

Save the Playlist .. to a “newlist-for-radio.pls”
that’s it..
it will have something like this ..inside it.

File2=/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/1.Save Me (Album Version).mp3
File3=/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/10.What´s Love.mp3
File4=/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/11.Here Comes The Sun (Radio Edit).mp3

then.. use the script below to clean it…

# cleaning the playlist
/usr/bin/awk '
/^File[0-9]*=/ {
# removing front part of the filename
/bin/sed -i -e 's/^File[0-9]*=//g' $RADIO_FILE

so that the output become something like this ..

/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/1.Save Me (Album Version).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/10.What´s Love.mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/11.Here Comes The Sun (Radio Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/12.Hungry Eyes (Original Mix Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/13.Fallen Star (Jean Elan Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/14.What´s Up (Radio Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/15.Get The Party Started (B&J Radio Remix).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/16.La Isla Bonita (Crew 7 Radio Remix).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/17.Brasil (Radio Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/18.Herz An Herz (Manian Remix).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/19.Cuando (Floresca el Chuno) (Sunshine Radio Mix).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/2.Could You, Would You, Should You (Dance Radio Edit).mp3
/home/namran/my-mp3/album/Best of dance 4-2008/20.Memory (Radio Edit).mp3

(Hmm… wonder if user searching for above mp3 file will also pick up this page ~ sorry guys ~)

Then.. almost done..

copy that radio.lst into /home/user/bin/

to run the broadcast client source..

cd /home/user/bin/

if succeed will have something like this..

then..the web interface will automatically updated..

If don’t want to be listed into public radio list somewhere on the net.
change the following line in sc_trans.conf

; Public determines whether or not this station will show up in the directory


; Public determines whether or not this station will show up in the directory

Hmm.. there are lot of radio out there.. select whichever that you like.
Welcome to club…~ yeah..~

then can listen to our radio anywhere..

well.. mine is now streaming at

Yay.. finally .. don’t have to bring along my mp3 / ogg file whenever i go ..~
but the music still can be the one that I prefer.. hahaha..

At the moment is still “shuffle”.. as don’t feel like to put in “Song Requester”
Which only available for windows DSP plugin at the moment.. *bump* 8-)
also afraid if start going down that road.. will become a DJ again~..hahaha..

Anyway ..whoever want to become a DJ.. with windows WinAMP software..
can request to have access to broadcast via my server also..hahaa.
Send your request / resume to radio [at] namran [dot] net
with the subject “I want to be a DJ at “

p/s : Music ~ can be a therapy to the busy mind.. and also be a getaway
from the hectic life.. and also can be one sort of self-expression ~ get creative lah… ! ~.