SPR telah mengumumkan tarikh mengundi jatuh pada 9 Mei 2018.

Iaitu pada hari Rabu.

photo fromn Istagram Story: https://t.co/M4tfEf8niQ ??

Jadi, bagi pengundi luar, perlu ambil cuti dan tunaikan kewajipan.

Pada pilihanraya yang lalu, boleh claim untuk peruntukan duit minyak dari pejabat parti masing².

One is very easy to claim, just need to show proof of valid “Daftar pengundi” and can get the cash almost immediately.
No further question asked.

The other one, after filling up some form, need to come back the next day to claim.
I just skipped, and didn’t bother to return.

mengundi bukan untuk claim.
if got fund to be distribute, might as well do it quickly and in a very nice manner.
need not to complicate things.

yeah, might not affect much.
But, let’s see what is the outcome of the election this time.

Most of the small things may not matter at all
But how you treat small things may reflect how you are going to do the big things altogether.

let’s vote!

wherever you are.
whichever side you are.
just vote!