There is a village called BigPond Village ..
In this village , there is a family who are catching fish with their bare hand every single day.
Once the fish is collected, there will feed to another family who will process the fish into a “keropok”.
In single day , there are certain amount of to be collected and feed to processor to make enough “keropok”.

This “keropok” later to be sell to some other villager who will distribute and sell all over the place.

One day , the leader decided to improve their way of catching fish.
To make it more efficient, and getting higher quality of fish.
So, one fellow suggested to use a new net which can be use to catch fish
by putting up two poles in the river and tie the net to it across the river.

Ok, the leader (Mr Amin ) agreed to this idea and putting up some budget to this effort
to make it happened.
With this money , the guy ( Mr Aduka ) then go to the town and source for the net , poles
and all the necessary items for this.
So, once this new gadget is ready , they first deployed the net into the river and waited.
As expected, they got some fish… and everyone is happy.

Then after few days, they are of course, some ups and down in fish collection from this nett.
So, another elder guy ( Mr KnowItAll ) stating , there must be something wrong with the nett
as the fish collection is lesser than what he can get by using his bare hand before this.
Mr Aduka then asked for his advice on how did he get more fish.
So, Mr KnowItAll suggest to follow his advice to put net at some other place,
but he is not confident with net capabilities of catching more fish.

So, they’re putting the net at the place where Mr KnowItAll suggested.
Contradict to what they expected, the new place is having much lesser fish than before.
As it is in the still water, near to “lubuk” compared to previous one is installed at
the “muara” which is having much more waterflow.

So, Mr Aduka , then consulted the leader ( Mr Amin ) to put the net back to its original place.
But this time, Mr Aduka suggested not have so many people playing around at this place,
as might scared away the fish.
So, there it goes as planned again.

Unfortunately , as a month have passed, they noticed , the water level have been reduced a lot.
And the catching net is hanging above the water instead.. so no single fish for the day !

Again, Mr KnowItAll, blaming the net is not useful enough like before.
As he could catch more fish with his bare hand at the event of no water like this season.
So.. Mr Amin then asked all of them to have a meeting again.
Mr Aduka said, the possible solution is to allow more water flowing in as its controllable with the water-gate
nearby . And also to put or adjust the net height every single day to suit the river water-level.

Or alternatively, spend some more money to build up our own fish pond at which we can still breed the fish during
the low-tide season.

As usual, Mr KnowItAll fight the idea, as it would then cost more as need to consult the water-gate
controller which is sitting at some other village. And to adjust net height every single day is troublesome for him too… Mr KnowItAll is fighting the idea like no tomorrow. so that everyone had just agreed with him.
Objecting anything with extra cost..
.. like it was troublesome to catch with bare-hand.

So, they asked him what would he suggest then? use bare-hand again? un-answered..
.. then after a while , he said, he got friend who use the “bot tunda” which can get a lot of fish,
maybe can use this here also..

“it is very efficient and can catch A LOT of fish.! ”

And he is looking at Mr Aduka, would you be able to provide “bot tunda” to us, and replacing the “net” ?
Mr Aduka then said, “Yes, I can provide bot tunda for you , but it would involve some additional cost for it.”

Then Mr Admin , interrupted “No.. there should be no additional cost”.
As this is not additional requirement .. as “we must get enough fish for the “keropok” process”
And.. Mr KnowItAll, backed up Mr Admin with .. “Yes.. I agreed. this is not additional”.

Mr Aduka , .. “Grrr..”.

Look, the cost to buy the net is much cheaper than to get the “bot tunda”.
As at the first stage , Mr Amin have specifically mentioned the money is to buy the “net and poles”.
not the “pukat tunda”.
Mr Amin then argued.. “all I want is the fish.. doesn’t matter is a net or bot tunda”.

Mr Aduka replied… “.. but there is major different between bot tunda and the net.!!”
and.. he thinks blaming the net for “no fish” because the “no water flowing in” is completely
something that the net not able to control at all.

.. So, what would Mr Aduka do?
should he:
A: Buy and supply the “bot tunda”? ,
.. knowing that the bot tunda might not even can go in at all.. during the low tide season.
.. and “bot tunda” might having problem with local authorities as well.
(also the price for “bot tunda” is very expensive compared to the net and poles.)

B: continue arguing .. and insist using the net with the above drawback but with more
additional net/pole set at few different place.

C: or should he just quit arguing with this family
.. and start looking somewhere else to sell his net & poles..?

p/s : to get into some other perspective try replace ..

“fish” -> data
“river” -> data connection/communication link
“waterflow” -> data bandwidth/communication link speed.