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Demotivational notes

First, rubbish in rubbish out.
– system defect

Second, whatever can go wrong will go wrong.- the infamous Murphy’s Law.

Third, passion on the job is something not just because of the money.

Forth, if am doing this for my own I would be putting  much more effort and and receiving more reward.so,
try working for ourselves .

Fifth,  if you still have to answer your own phone meaning you are just not making enough money yet.

Sixth, failure take two :
1. The one who can’t perform the task successfully.
2. The one who put that one into doing that unsuccessful task.

Seventh , every generation need a revolution.
– fight for your right.

Namran Hussin: a soft spoken guy... with exceptional interest in computers and technology. I love to learn new thing and also love to break thing for the sake of learning.. but I do abide to the self-imposed limitation or certain thing such as social thing in life, thing can be done and thing that must be avoided at whatever cost such as drug,illegal tracking, smoke,illicit activity..etc.muahahaha let's share what we had in this short term of the life.! make it worth of the living.~
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