When there is 99 things goes wrong, we tend to think we’re doomed. Haha. That’s what happened most of the time.


However, my recent event regarding the above make me think otherwise. Eventhough things seem to be upside down, there are all with different priorities. As long as it’s not the most crucial or possibly fatal if fail. it’s gonna be alright anyway. Why?

Let me tell you an example.

let’s say here is the list of things that goes wrong for the day :

  1. house messed up
  2. laundry not done
  3. dishwasher not working
  4. washing machine cable got eatean by mice.
  5. train having technical problem
  6. late to arrive to the office.
  7. kids throwing tantrums
  8. car cannot even start
  9. servers are having error codes that yet to be solved


and compared to one thing got right:

  1. baby sitter called said baby is doing OK.

so, perspective wise , our perception of things goes wrong may have been thrown out of balance if the above is reversed.

That’s being said, I guess there are way too many reasons to be grateful instead of being the opposite.

thanks for everything.