And time flies..

now it is already 15th December 2010.

Another 15 more days to start new calendar year.

Well.. sometimes things that seem so near , yet so far.

Having thing going in and out , upside down..
those past few week was most tense moment for the development team
especially for eKabus/eCuaca sub-component .

Yeah, we did delivered some new system in…
supposed to have passed 1-month test.

However,it wasn’t that wide/fully test-run ..
so.. a LOT of thing did came out / reported / popped up
at the last day of TEST!
exactly On Friday .. which is suppose Monday to start goes “live”.

A lot of tiny / small things started coming in…
some are expected.. some are look like specially made up.

Anyway, the team had provide a LOT of fixes for those valid issues.
So , it goes smoothly few days after ..
less noise.. less complaint..
but some
* NEW * requirement ..
* NEW * discoveries found..
* NEW * request did come in..

just as exciting as it might always have..

find the right positive thing out of the difficult times..
so that we can tap to the positive energy.. to somehow move toward the right and positive end..

p/s : .. I had been with a great team throughout this project !