It was a day during A Chinese New Year Holiday..
I was packed up to get to Port Dickson Day trip via public transport..
bring some backpack stuffed with and walk through the front guard house..

The time was about at 12noon.. as leaving my house, I have checked my old car where about ..
still at the same spot with her white color was about to turn to yellowish color.
It was since last two month, I haven’t managed to get her repaired..
So she was kinda stuck at the parking lot for quite sometime..
and the battery was dead anyway..

Hmm.. that nite I was back home at something .. haven’t bother to check if my prelude was still there..
the next day, at about 11a.m , went out to get some food and stuff, took a glance at where I parked my prelude..
Puff ~ it was gone.. ~.. went to guard house.. Asked if there anything went on .. and explain bout the car..

asked for plate number.. bla.. bla..
and I asked bout CCTV record..

MX 300 is gone..

MX 300 is gone..

“Owh.. CCTV keluar tengah repair.. rosak. yang masuk shj ada jalan.. tak da record .. bla.. ”
with the finger pointing to the removed camera mounting at guard house wall..
but I did’nt see any record for coming in CCTV also..

no more prelude 3rd gen owner..

no more prelude 3rd gen owner..

“This must be something at night.. will try to ask the night shift tonight..”
left my phone number and detail all.. on a piece of paper for the guard.

then someone claimed at higher ranking of the guard..

“Kereta hilang ? Pergi report kat polis lah.. “..

asked to file a report to police station as nothing much can be done ..

get back home.. search for the Roadtax and “geran” ..
went to Damansara Damai Police station.. file a report.. about a 30minute later..
report done.. need to get to Sungai Buloh police station.. bla..

went to Sungai Buloh police station.. run through some interview..

“As the car is not able to be moving by itself.. and the engine was dying anyway.. there must be a tow truck pulling it over… bla..bla..”

“any suspect ..? “.. “No”

done ~.. “We will blacklist this car.. and will get back to you if anything..”
“If you ever seen this car at any working .. please report at the nearest police station as the action will be taken accordingly…”

get back to home.. upon came in..
“Guard asked.. sudah report kah ?”
I answered “yes..”.

“Boleh bagi photostat satu copy untuk kitorang ..supaya bleh check..bla..”

my answer..
“kedai potostat tutup lah .. cuti chinese new year.. esok2 lah bagi..”

nothing happened.. the night come.. went to guard house..
(the night shift took over)

explain bout the car … “must be tow truck come in bla..bla”

“ at night , we never allowed any tow truck to get in.. that must be day-shift people knowing.. bla..bla..”

.. ya rite.. the next few days only handled out my copy of the police report to the guard..
nothing much to expect .. .. going to share it with the world anyway..

Police report

Police report

p/s : after contemplating about this for few days.. I decided to put it as “It was written…”